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Actionable Analytics Reports

With our custom tracking and reporting tools, you’ll always know just where your business stands. Use our detailed reports to share with your staff and improve your operations.

Hospitality Defender's team analyzes each and every Yelp review in detail by hand and summarizes the information to make it easier to spot issues and successes. We translate the reviews into data, giving scores in multiple operational areas, which include categories such as Food, Service, Ambiance and Facility. We provide reports to you on-demand, weekly or monthly so you get a clear look at your online review metrics.

Each review is analyzed by a human being. Therefore, our reports are extremely accurate and insightful and allow you to see a snapshot of your business. You can take this information to your managers or employees to see what's working, and what's not - and put together a plan to improve your operations. We also measure how our responses to your guests increase your Yelp score when they go back and update their reviews. 

Get insights on metrics such as:

Average Scores by Month

The average of all the Yelp reviews posted monthly. Helpful in spotting overall trends month-by-month. A downward trend may indicate operational issues. Upward trends indicate improvement.

Positives and Negatives

Shows the positive and negative comments each month in each category such as Service, Food, Ambiance, Facility, Staff, etc. A higher number of negative comments in a particular category might reveal problems in the operation (and vice versa).

How You Stack Up

See how you rate against your competitors! We show trends about what your guests are saying about how you stack up with other businesses in your area.