Why You Should Embrace Negative Reviews

February 21, 2015 Amanda Ryan
1 min read

online negative reviewsWhen you see a negative review about your business appear on one of your social networks or review sites, do not panic; instead, look at negative reviews as an opportunity to gain the trust of your customers.

Every review written about your company holds a purpose and can add value to your online reputation, yes, even the negative ones. As much as you may try to provide the best customer experience, you have no control over what your consumers will post online about your business, but you do have control over how it is handled.

According to ReputationAdvocate, 80% of consumers have changed their mind about purchases based on negative information they have found online. Potential buyers depend on reviews to help them with their buying decisions and use them as third party insights into the quality of customer service your business provides.

Not responding to a negative review is not an option. Take charge of the review by turning it from a one-sided opinion about your company into a conversation with your company. Try to regain the trust of the unsatisfied customer through your public response and by offering a way for them to contact you to continue the conversation offline.

Each public response will show potential buyers that you are paying attention to your customers and are making efforts to provide exceptional customer service online too. In turn, you will begin to gain their trust and business.

How your company is perceived by others depends not just on the negative reviews posted online, but also by the response given. Each negative review provides an opportunity to gain the trust of existing and potential customers. Take control of your online reputation by embracing each negative review.


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