Social Media and Your Hospitality Business: Tips to Engage

June 19, 2020 JB Buzz
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Previously on Hospitality Defender, social media expert Maddie Grant shared that every company must not only recognize that they have an online presence, but they also need to properly engage with their customers. And this rings especially true for hospitality businesses these days.

From carefully curated photos to detailed customer reviews, your social media presence plays a powerful role. In fact, marketing agency MGH’s recent report found that 45% of diners ate at a restaurant, thanks to a social media post.

To engage with your customers on social media (and potential ones, too!), here are some top tips to help you out.

Curate a Theme for Your Posts

Creating an impactful presence on social media is easier said than done, as there are millions of accounts on various platforms. A simple yet effective way to help boost your business’ identity online is by devising a coherent theme for all of your posts. Your theme is not just the visual appeal that attracts customers; it also helps you stand out from the sea of competitors.

45% of diners ate at a restaurant, thanks to a social media post.

But there’s more to curating a theme than applying a filter, as you’ll need to tap into your business’ brand personality first. Indeed, the Entrepreneur points out that your brand personality are the qualities that best represent your business, and thus guide you to what kind of theme will connect with your audience. Is your business more on the sophisticated side? If so, go for a minimalist look with neutral colors and white borders for your social media approach. Or is your style more fun and lively? Then, stick to vivid colors, eye-catching typography, and witty captions.

Explore Different Ways of Communicating

The beautiful thing about social media is that it’s always changing and offering new ways to connect, and each platform provides its own unique tools. Your business’ social media content should be more than just posters with your lobby or staff on it or a text post detailing your prices, as these will inevitably blend into the background of people’s busy social feeds. Instead, Jonathan Fahnestock, director at Maryville University’s digital media degree program, highlights the importance of aesthetic, technical, and theoretical aspects of designing for different mediums. You shouldn’t stop at being informative or pretty — reach out to current or potential clients with creative storytelling and interactive design.

You can try giving current and potential customers a glimpse of a dining experience on your Instagram stories, as a study conducted by Monash University’s researchers found this to be very effective with consumers. Meanwhile, hotels can create Twitter polls to show off your services — whether it’s asking which meal looks more appetizing or which room has better decor. All in all, the key to connecting on social media is viewing your posts as an invitation to your guests.

Post Customer Testimonials

Needless to say, influencers have taken over the social media scene. While their partnerships are indeed effective, there’s nothing more reliable than reading a review from an actual customer. To this end, you can ask a loyal customer or even someone who left a positive review on Yelp to participate in your social media post. Be sure to veer away from generic captions or videos. Instead, try creating a quick video tour for Facebook where they can highlight their favorite parts of your place. Alternatively, you can let them host an Instagram takeover. In short, building trust is a crucial component for engaging with your social media audience.

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